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JerryTodd Lewis is a gifted singer, actor and certified massage therapist. His career of more than 30 years in theater and film includes many appearances on New York stages including in the Samuel French Award winning Life in Excellence.

Todd has also performed on Regional stages in everything from Little Shop of Horrors to Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew to The Fantasticks. He has guest conducted with the Greater Trenton (NJ) Symphony Orchestra for 15 years.


To hear more samples of Todd's voice work


GizGiz Coughlin is a highly experienced regional theatre actress, appearing in countless productions ranging from Shakespeare to the Marx Brothers. Giz brings to Snip an array of character voices derived from the multitude of personalities she has assayed on the boards.

These include crazy, mean, pretending, brilliant, questionable, high, manipulative, needy, pregnant, Barbadian, coy, bitchy, protective, sweet, ditzy, regal, pissed, put-upon, romantic, practical, male, drunk, religious, slutty, elitist, gay, mothering, victimized, stupid and dead (yeah, dead!).

JerryJerry Lyden brings more than thirty years of broadcasting (DJ, News, Commercials a nd TV News Anchor) experience to the Snip microphone, as well as more than 20 years of acting experience, including Guest Star roles on: Homicide, Law and Order, Lois and Clark, As the World Turns, The Young and the Restless and more. On film, Jerry has appeared in: Goodfellas, Toy Soldiers, Innocent Blood and the soon to be released Jersey Justice.

In addition to providing the English Language voice for Duke on King of the Fighters video game, Jerry’s narration talents have been featured on more than 100 corporate and educational projects for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.

Link to Maine Streaming Media website: Maine Streaming Media

ElizabethElizabeth O'Hara is an actress and singer from New York who has appeared in many musical and comedies. She has created character voices for children's books, radio commercials and theatrical productions.



Riff Raff and Killer Coin
on CD are being produced and recorded by Maine Streaming Media.

Riff Raff
Narrators: Todd Lewis, Jerry Lyden and Giz Coughlin

Killer Coin
Narrators: Jerry Lyden, Giz Coughlin, and Elizabeth O'Hara


Narrators (RFB&D): Jerry Lyden and Giz Coughlin


Wolf's Remedy
Narrators (RFB&D): Jerry Lyden and Giz Coughlin

Have the Last Word – Write Your Own Obituary And Learn to Live
Narrators: Jerry Lyden, Giz Coughlin and Todd Lewis

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